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Price: $3,000.00
Availability: Custom Made To order
Prod. Code: Email for current pricing

Our 15 gallon original BREWTREE design is very popular because it is built in simplicity and based on the same gravity flow principles used in professional breweries for centuries. The Original Brewtree has all stainless keggles with Dial thermometers which will last a lifetime. The system also incorporates our well INSULATED Mashtun for maintaining single infusion mash temps as a set-it and forget-it operation, the same method commercial breweries employ.

The burners are high output 200,000 BTU units which make brewing a fast and efficient process, no matter what size batch you are brewing. We throw in a 25' SUPER-EFFICIENT Counterflow chiller to finish the system which cools your wort from boiling to room temperature in one pass, greatly improving the cold break.

With the built in E-Z go wheels and handle and small 3' x 3' footprint, this is simply the easiest to store and use system on the market. If you are looking for our shorter version that stands a mere 5'6" tall, the E-Z Access option can be added at time of order.

We add our complete set of instructional materials, Beer & soda recipes, DVD "Brewing with the BREWTREE", and BEERSMITH brewing software, making this truly an award winning brewing system.

Here's what it includes:

  • 3 Used Stainless Keggles* (Hot Liquor Tank, Mashtun, Boil Kettle)

  • Insulated Mashtun for single infusion mash

  • All Kettles have 15 gallon capacity - to brew 1 keg batches at a time.

  • Mashtun Liner - Prevents stuck mashes and facilitates emptying the mashtun at cleanup.

  • False Bottom (mashtun)

  • 3" Stainless Dial Thermometer on Both Hot Liquor and Mashtun

  • Mashtun Lid

  • Super Sparge Arm

  • 3 FULL FLOW 1/2" Bulkhead valves & Hose Barbs To allow gravity feed of the brew process.

  • Clear Vinyl Transfer Hose

  • Dual 200,000 BTU Jet Burners, Propane Manifold, Hose & Regulator

  • E-Z Go Wheels & Handle

  • 25' Counterflow chiller w/thermometer on outlet

  • Chiller Bracket

  • Filter Housing & Support

  • Sight Glass (optional)

  • Brewing with the BREWTREE DVD - Safety & Usage

  • BEERSMITH Software - FREE

  • Complete access to the password protected Brewtree Owner's page - includes recipes for beer & soft drinks, assembly tutorial, parts list, anatomy diagram linking to parts list, FAQ section, troubleshooting installation, Free Beer Labels, Step By Step Usage Instructions and much much more...

  • All Options available

    *Used Stainless Keggles are de-dented whenever possible, but will have labels/paint on the exterior which can be removed by the customer.

    Picture below is of Original BREWTREE with the following Options added: HLT Sightglass, HLT Valve Manifold, HLT Lid, Boil Kettle Lid, Filter & Integrated plumbing. For a more detailed comparison of features, please visit the BREWTREE COMPARISON CHART

    Recommended additional items:

    Valve Manifolds for HLT, Mashtun, Boil Kettle Super Mashtun Jacket $499.99 E-Z Access Stand with pump upgrade $199.99 E-Z Pressure Wash Hose Option $59.99 E-Z Go Propane Tank Holder $99.99 HYDRO-CHILLER $99.99