The Professional Surface Dressing Contractors


Working with professional surface dressing contractors ensures that you work smoothly executed with few troubles. A professional values his or her labour and clients and is out to give the best service and establish good contacts.

Surface Dressing contractors maintain different kind of roads in the UK. Professional contractors usually have the skill, knowledge and experience to ensure you reap maximum benefits from a dressed surface. They can work on private sites like car parks and estate roads, industrial areas, and even major highways.

Basic facts


What do they do?


The first thing a professional contractor does is to choose the most appropriate time to do the surface dressing. It is mostlywqjkplokmb done during summer, from April to August. At least a day before the work begins, the contractor will put up signs to show work about to start on the particular area.

On the day of work, all areas of the surface are power swept; pot holes are leveled, and the road is tested to see if it drains off water properly. After that hot bitumen binder, the emulsion is applied to all cracks and holes. Later, hot bitumen binder is applied at a particular rate of speed from a bitumen sprayer and then chippings are immediately put and rolled into the bitumen binder.

What materials do they use?


Various combinations and binders are used for surface dressing. The nature of the road and amount of traffic will determine the appropriate size of chipping and rate of spread binder. The chippings used vary from limestone to diabase while the binders range from shale oil bitumen to latex modified bituminous emulsion.

The chippings restore texture to surfaces while the bitumen part secures the chippings and prevents ingress of water into the surface. The contractor ensures that all ingredients are precisely mixed before use. While the materials used remain the same among contractors, the quality may differ. But a qualified contractor to identify the quality of materials used.

What are the benefits of professional surface dressing?


ghplokmbvcxA professional will ensure that after the surface dressing the road remains waterproof and does not let in water that could damage the underlying foundations. The surface is improved or strengthened to last a longer time.

They will solve problems on the particular surface which include rotting, structural failure, potholes, cracks, and deformations. Additionally, there are different dressing designs to suit the needs of various surfaces. Your contractor will usually offer advice on the best design for lasting results.…