The Perfect Age To Start Potty Training Of Children


If you have a toddler, you must be wondering about what age to start potty training. For this to be started, your child must be ready both physically and emotionally. When the child is in between 20 to 30 months of age, he or she is ready to start, but it is different for every child. Never try to hurry as if started before the child is ready it can become very frustrating and long process.

gsaas65ashgasaThe control of bowel and bladder muscles are very important in children so that they can use the toilet. If the child has a 2-hour nap at a time and during this period if the diaper is dry, then we can say the child is ready for the use of the toilet. Other signs can be not having bowel movements at night or having it at the same time of the day. The child must also understand all the basic motor skills along and should be able to walk and talk before starting.

The other things that should be checked are his or her responses. If ‘no’ is the answer to every request, then you might face some problem during the process. To be ready emotionally is not the case with every child, being physically ready should do the work in most cases.

What is the Time Period to Potty Train?

If the child is able to understand when to go to the toilet, then it can be said that he or she is toilet ready. Only a little help will be required by them to climb onto the toilet after the training. Usually, within 3-4 months they learn how to use the toilet, but till your child reaches the age of 4 or 5, he or she will require help for wiping after the bowel.

When going to an unfamiliar bathroom, they may he or she may require some extra help. Boys are trained slightly later in their age as compared to girls, who are taught and trained slightly earlier as it is the perfect age to start potty training for them.

What if there is resistance from the child?

as6ashgasasYour child is probably not ready if he or she is resisting during the potty training. This may happen because of the change in normal routine, and this is very normal. The best thing to do at this time is to wait and then start again when your child is starting to give a response.

You should never force your child during training as this may have a negative impact on him or her. Your child should enjoy the process of training, and this can only be successful if you are following the perfect age to start potty training as he or she should have a positive experience. You must better stop for a while if your child is struggling with the process and again start after some time.…