Propane Manifold Install

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Top of propane Manifold. Note, the 90 ELL Faces toward the burner and Hot Liquor Tank. The pipe Mounts closest to the HLT with the mounting tabs to it's right.
Bottom of Propane Manifold. The left side of the TEE is where the boil kettle burner get's installed. The LP Hose adapter is installed in the right side of the tee. To clear the base of the stand, it is recommended the tee is installed sufficiently deep into the main LP manifold pipe. THIS MAY REQUIRE TIGHTENING THE TEE BEFORE ATTACHING LP MANIFOLD TO THE STAND - THIS WILL RAISE THE TEE AWAY FROM THE BASE EASING INSTALLATION!!!
E-Z Access Brewtree Propane Manifold. Unit is one piece of pipe with a 90 ELL on the top, and a TEE on the bottom.

Standard height brewtree systems utilize an additional extension pipe at the bottom to allow for easy connection to the propane hose, regulator and tank.

Burner with orifice and needle valve installed. Screws directly into LP manifold.
Burner orifice (detached) - Before using burner, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to make sure orifice hole is pointing directly UP through the 2" Burner Pipe.
Propane Hose end (left) and LP manifold to hose adapter (right). Note: The adapter is flared (tapered) on the end that connects to the hose. The 3/8" straight threaded end needs to be installed in the bottom of the LP manifold using teflon tape. THE WHOLE PROPANE MANIFOLD MUST BE LEAK TESTED AS PER THE DVD BEFORE USING THE SYSTEM.
HLT Burner Installed
Boil Kettle Burner Installed (left) and LP Manifold Adapter Installed (right) with LP hose connected to adapter.
Close up of burner orifice.