Six Must-see Cities During Your Vacation in France

France 03

When it comes to the must-see cities that are located in France for visitors, Paris and many other famous towns and cities throughout the nation are credited with being fully satisfying and most popular for both regular and new vacationers to this colorful country that is located in Europe. Below are top cities that you should consider during your vacationing in France. They must-see cities include:

1. ParisFrance 01

According to top travel & tourism guide books for travelling to this country, France, Eiffel Tower & Disneyland Paris is one of the most visited areas in Paris. Also, the famed cathedral of Notre Dame is well-liked by both veteran and new visitors to Paris. Therefore, Paris is mostly seen by vacationers as one of the top cities to visit.

2. The town of Mont Saint-Michel

In case you really want to be engrossed fully in France`s natural beauty, then you should visit Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, which is located in the Normandy region. At this place, you will find a wide variety of great restaurants, the stores & places that you will climb and really enjoy the dynamic sceneries of the ocean and landscape that surround Mont Saint-Michel.

3. Versailles

The French people normally refer it as “Chateau de Versailles, “ whereas the visitors refer it as an attractively good-looking location with a local city that is also breathtaking. This city is an easy forty-minute train travel right from downtown Paris.

4. Cities on the French Riviera

France 02The Riviera include the local villages and lovely cities that provide both economically and high-end lodging. For instance, nearly all vacationers report that they enjoy St. Tropez, Cannes, La Turbie, Nice, and Antibes on the Riviera.

5. Fontainebleau

Longtime vacationers to Paris report that they actually enjoy taking a short drive out of the town to the well-liked family attractions that are located in the Fontainebleau Forest. Some of the main attractions for travelers in Fontainebleau forest area include a visit to the nearby city at Fontainebleau – while bird watching, hiking and hill climbing are very popular.

6. Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes Spirited Sanctuary is situated in the busy Lourdes City. The city, Lourdes City, has actually expanded into a spiritual pilgrimage destination during the summer, autumn, and spring months. Lourdes actually draws people all over the world for the “healing waters“ that has made this place one of the enthusiastic places for tourists and believers alike.

The above are six must-see cities during your vacationing in France. They include Paris, Lourdes, Fontainebleau, Cities on the French Riviera, Versailles, and The town of Mont Saint-Michel. Others include Chambord and Lyon among others.…